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Charles Edison was the son of Thomas Edison, the famous inventor and entrepreneur. Charles was a businessman, philanthropist, and New Jersey's 42nd governor. He established the Charles Edison Fund ("The Fund") in 1948. The Fund was created to support the legacy of his father, Thomas Edison, as well as innovative endeavors generally within the areas of medical research, science, technology and historic preservation.​

The Fund also engages in licensing the Edison Intellectual property, including the name, image, quotes and artifacts of Thomas Edison.


Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edison has been hailed as the world’s greatest inventor. Among his record 1,093 patents are the phonograph, movie camera and the light bulb. Edison also stands out as an entrepreneur, which is one of the reasons TIME Magazine named him the "Man of the Millennium."


Charles Edison

Probably the most accomplished and successful of Edison's children, Charles Edison is the best known for his career in public service as the Secretary of the Navy and Governor of New Jersey. Perhaps his greatest quality was his commitment to the preservation of “honor”.

"“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Thomas A Edison

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