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The Science Teaching Experiments are distributed with the permission of the Edison Electric Institute. The distribution of this material for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


The purpose of the Science Teaching Experiments is to stimulate an interest in science and technology among elementary school students through easy to perform experiments in basic scientific concepts.

The purpose of the Edison Awards Program is to stimulate an interest in science by rewarding student participation in scientific projects (and secondarily to encourage the use and evaluation of the Science Teaching Experiments).


The 82 experiments, originally offered -- and for a time still available -- in loose-leaf binders (kits) for cost of mailing, are meant to enhance science curricula in grades 4 through 8. The experiments use readily available materials and are simple to perform. Approximately 60,000 "kits" (over 14,000 in the binder format) describing the experiments have been distributed nationwide since the program was instituted.

The Fund has converted the kits to electronic format. You can now download them, print them out, and copy them for your students. We simply ask that you register using a simple registration form before downloading the files, and that you fill out a "report card" after evaluating or using an experiment so that the Fund can measure the effectiveness of the Science Teaching Experiment program.

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About the Edison Awards Program

Report Card Form

To The Science Instructors Using Edison Teaching Kits

Attracting youthful minds to participate in careers in the sciences is one of the great services today's educators can provide. This nation's decline in the number of budding scientists and mathematicians could foreshadow a dearth of scientists and teachers of science.

The basic Three R's and other subjects should not be overlooked. America's continuing greatness will reside in our abilities to meet the high-technology competitiveness burgeoning in other parts of the world.

Our Science Award Program is a total fun trip!

As a philanthropic foundation, we are pleased to make available to you 82 Edison experiments at no cost except what it costs you to download them, or for a $1.00 handling charge for the binder version. We are not in this for profit, only education.

In order to participate in our Awards Program (Edison sunburst light bulb t-shirt, matching baseball cap and signed certificate of award), just evaluate a few experiments, print out and return the report card and follow the details outlined in our Science Project Award Program letter of instruction. Include the name of your school, address and class, together with the names of honor students -- each of whom will receive an engraved certificate. The student selected as top winner, in addition to the certificate, will receive a t-shirt and cap. Completion and return of the report card, by postal mail, will help to enhance these experiments.

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